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For the orignal audio files (wave, much better quality), please contact Lautine:

All sound experiences presented on this page were realized in vivo by Lautine : Nono, Theodore (with participation from time to time : Algui, Moalga, Yo). The whole used material remains basic and cheap. All music composed by Nono and Theodore.

Mixing realized with one stereo track audio editor (Free version) - T. Mantilafourche.

Creative Commons License This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 2.0 France License

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Coposition made ​​from live material (a sound palette to any voice). Nono : Computer Software; Theodore: Guitar, radios, old amplified turntable (with some effects pedals). Performance in live for Dataplex Musical Resistances by Annette and Jean-Marie.

Sound performance made at ​​Lautine. Nono (prepared guitar), Theodore (amplified turntable, radio). Recording and mixing: T. Mantilafourche

Created for Dataplex, a version without voice ; in origin, there is Claire Cailliez voice (words written by Claire). Composed by Theodore lautine (special thanks to Damien, Fabrice Jahk and radio Galere)

Lung Ding, Gong, Piano, Manege (no synthesis was used in the process)
composition and editing by T. Mantilafourche.

Climate trip made ​​from sound workshops done space by space : here, a home piano placed horizontally ; Lautine puts a large pot of water, a pan…; then turns on all the strings, releasing a sound continuum in the upper midrange (travel, fullness, space) ;  there, rolls along and tips an upright piano (colossal collapse, landslides) ; around here, scrap metal, bell, bowl (awakening, serenity, disorders peaceful) ; also microphones on moving surfaces (atmospheres vibration, rain).
Nono and Theodore : composition, mixing (free stereo track audio editor). Audio piece made for the festival Radio Galère (Euphonia, radio creation)


Wink sound made ​​by Lautine ; Dataplex night on Radio Galere around Antonin Artaud ; composition and editing by T. Mantilafourche.



Miking live in lautine
Aguil : turtable from 60's ; TM : Pedal on radio, bass ; Nono : computer program. Lautine E1
Excavations sounding from Buffarol (BBT n° 3), fragment 232c.
Objects, materials, voice ; live performance by Lautine : Nono, Mantilafourche, Yo.

Lautine - Nono : guitare-radio ; TM : radio on pedal, turntable from sixties.


Fragment 207
Sound fragment fitted with a lift, a glass plate on piano strings, a gas cylinder sleeve and a bracelet. For Lautine (Théodore M.), Marseille
EnG suite
A short sound history accomplished with : 1 ashtray, 1 done up special piano, 2 old record players and 1 salad bowl ; neither eletronic effects nor machine were used here. (Sound editing : TM , Marseille). Lautine
Elektronica non grata

Electroacoustic music consisted from sound experiments realized solo, without any  electronic effects –T. Mantilafourche : turntable 1967, voice, Tibetan bowl with shells, objects in vibration (inox and glass, etc.), converted piano, mixer, various objects. All sources sounds were acoustic in origin.
Lautine, Marseille


Prima Degre

PRIMA DEGREE results from a first work on the sound potentialities of an upright piano in boned party ; of this imposing musical instrument, we preserved cords with their structure of maintenance. Placed at horizontal, suspended from straps, where failing this, posed on trestles, it offers many other things… ; no synthesis was used in the process.
Nono : muff bottle of gas (intro), guitar, piano, objects ; Théodore : turntable from sixties, voice, piano, various objects, mixer. Lautine.


Con Erik
"Con Erik " is a succint assembly of sound elements realized live (Sound editing : Mantilafourche). Clin d'œil à Erik M et Michel Chion.
Vox Mhere
Audio sequence initially improvised in Lavergne (France – 46), recorded one shot with minidisc –TM : transformed piano, electric guitar, turntable (1970), pedals effect on md, various objects, mixer ; Nono : boned piano, electric drill, various objects. Lautine
"Immured, Farsighted and Resigned" is the fruit of an audio editing stemming from sound improvisations delivered live, briefly recorded in one shot. Performance : Algui, Nono, Theodore.
Gourbi 117
Small sound illustration imagined and taken up by Mantilafourche.
All audio sources result from sessions played in real time (no overdubs of any kind).
Pratiques erratiques 5
The iconoclastic workshop nomad does it again in Marseille around an installation horseshoe + toolbox. Recording and mixing : Théodore (MD24). AA: Dr sample, turntable from 70's ; TM : various objects, microphones, voice, mixer ; Nono : guitar, record players. Moment contribution for a Regressive Music. Lautine.
Saki with sake
"Compressed" story about the concrete adaptation of a collective idea where skipped differently shared representations. Nono (balloons, old turntable with delay), Yo (pupil flute), Theodore (voices, rubbing noise, various objects). Realized at Buffarol.
Extracted from monophasis : noisy  improvised piece recorded by microphone on minidisc – Mantilafourche : Plastic microphone shaken around guitar-amplifier, voice ; Nono : guitar-bass. Buffarol
Pratiques erratiques 7
Sound materials consisted exclusively of experiments delivered live by Algui (Dr sample, turntable from sixties), Nono (electric guitar, various objects, old turntable, prepared piano), TM (voices, percussions, minidisc, old turntable, prepared piano, microphones, mixer, ping-pong). Sound editing and remixing : T. Mantilafourche, Lautine
Soundtrack of a gloomy litany made at night in November. Recording live performance, duo and trio Algui (prepared minidisc, turntable from 70's), Nono (converted piano, wheel), Theodore (various objects, wood, mixer, voice).
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