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All the colored blocks steer you directly on pages which allow to listen to original sound works ; marketing strictly forbidden without prior authorization of the authors

CDMC : In addition to its role as a specialised documentation centre, the Cdmc was created as a means of facilitating access to a knowledge of contemporary works and to hasten their incorporation into the repertory. It now houses 15,000 contemporary works. Find sounds and works HERE
GRM web radio : Since its origins the GRM has an organic link with the radio. It is in a radio studio french as Pierre Schaeffer began his amazing experiences of "concrete music " in 1948 and this place continues. Archives radiophoniques du GRM (Bayle, Berio, Bon, Dufour, Ligeti, Stravinsky, etc.) ; LIVE ! Les saisons musicales du GRM

UbuWeb began in 1996 as a site focusing on visual and concrete poetry. When we began posting found street poems that used letter forms in fantastically innovative ways, we had to reconsider what “concrete poetry” was. History of Electronic / Electroacoustic Music [1937-2001]


WebSYNradio is an independent radio program whose broadcast is streamed 24/24 - The english page HERE ; Each week a guest artist offers a totally new experience with a playlist borrowed largelythough not exclusively- from the flow of archives available on ; As an online review whose interest focuses on current intellectual, artistic and political issues, constructively and through discussion, Droit de Cités brings together actors from these various domains. Please have a look at these pages : Sonores and Videos.

Begun in January 1995, EFIP (European Free Improvisation Pages) was intended to be a comprehensive information resource for all aspects of the type of music known as European free improvisation. From the home page, click MP3 clips / video clips to discover some tracks chosen by the musicians themselves : John Butcher, Keith Rowe, Evan Parker, Simon H. Fell, Phil Minton, Derek Bailey, and so on
Louis-Michel Marion, Alain Simon and Pierre-Marie Plumerey offered every week from 2005 till 2007 a musical, philosophic and pictorial invention at this address :

Take these roads of listening :

Francis Dhomont : Forêt Profonde - Sous le regard d'un soleil noir - Le cycle du son : biography, other mp3 on the link ; Kristoff K. Roll : Corazon Road - Biography sur ce lien ; Gilles Gobeil : The Mechanics of Cleavage ; Yves Daoust : Bruits ; Natasha Barrett : Isostasie ; Robert Normandeau : Clair de terre ; François Bayle : La Forme de l'esprit est un papillon ; Adrian Moore : Traces ; Jacques Tremblay : Alibi - Chroniques d"une séduction ; Théodore Lotis : Epoque de l'eau

F. Ponge : Part of a sound document recorded by microphone by Y. Rougié (source : tv / bbt 3) ; possibility to obtain the totality of the interview by contacting me :
Consult the very supplied sound archives of the Batie Festival (Geneva 2000-2003), Fri-Art (Fribourg 1998) and studio Livecast ; listen to the sound performances of : Erikm, Oval, Ryoji Ikeda, Risotto Revox, Sparklehorse/Fennesz, Voice Crack...
Chris Brown and John Bischoff suggest you using their Eternal Network Music : two playful electronic tools, of simple use, to make and listen to real-time sounds ; colored spheres really interesting interactive within reach mouse.
Try these links mp3 and be made an idea : John Cage - Norbert Moslang - Morton Feldman - Pierre-Yves Macé - Ryoji Ikeda - Francisco Lopez - John Cage - Merzbow/Tamarin
“Sound pieces with experimental forms, little risked pleasures, on the thread, moving again in a suspended step”... Come to taste these intimate documents and these fragile words on SILENCE RADIO gives you a jukebox onto which you can select sound tracks in the order which you want : erikm, nakamura, dieb13, efzeg, stotz oliver...
It is sound material in the rough (click right away on " tracks ") : Jérôme Noetinger/Erikm - Günter Müller/Otomo Yoshihide - Poire_z + - MIMEO/John Tilbury - Cosmos - Keith Rowe/Toshimaru Nakamura - GünterMüller/LêQuan Ninh - Thomas Lenh/Gerry Hemingway - Fuhler/Gert-Yan Prins - Amplify 2002 (7 CD Tokyo 2002, 2 tracks by CD) - Haunted House- Burkhard Stang/Dieb13 - VHF - Matt Davis/Phil Durrant/Mark Wastell - Polwechsell/Fennesz
Sound creations, private diaries, documentaries, poetries, fictions as you like on arte radio for an immersion in reality at random sounds and noises (around 1000 available samples in archives).

Jason Kahn : composition, installations, percussions, electronics. Exhibitions and concerts in museums, galleries, art spaces, festivals and clubs throughout Europe, North and South America, Australia, Egypt, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Japan, Korea, Lebanon, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, Turkey and South Africa. Sound pieces for film, dance and radio.


Close your eyes and let you take by the suggestive power of sounds. Every day le son du jour gives to hear small fragments of real life, résonnances, spaces and places to be imagined...


Transradio is a space of listening dedicated to the audio art and  the radio creation ; a vector of sound art on Web, a resonance chamber reserved for authors who claim the sound as a specific language. Investigate closely the sound galleries and the francophoniques, 2 windows of choice for your ears.

The group of alive musics of Lyon propose on his website some sound tracks of his spectacles ; enter and listen : the journey of Alice - the big concert of birds - acoustigloo - Ornithological compositions - Stories without images...
Founded in 1986, the Canadian Electroacoustic Community (CEC) is Canada’s official national association for electroacoustics and as such is dedicated to promoting this progressive art form in its broadest definition: from acousmatic and computer music to soundscape and sonic art to hardware hacking and beyond. Sonus is an online listening library (jukebox) of electroacoustic works, created and managed by the CEC for the benefit of the greater Electroacoustic / Computer Music / Sound Art community
once for all / lautine / soundtracks / audio mixing room / sound notebooks / lautine sound links