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As far as possible, the internet links appearing in this page privilege the listening and\or the downloading of audio files about sound experiments ; regularly verified, they do not stick all inevitably on my own tastes ; they are the reflection of corresponding sensibilities. All audio and video files available in this webpage are for personal use only. Propose a link by sending an e-mail :



ARFI : It is about the official web site of the Association in Search of an Imaginary Folklore. The presentation has changed ; pity there is less audio clips to listen

Bastien Pierre : In 1977 he built his first musical machinery. For the next ten years he has been composing for dance companies and playing with Pascal Comelade. In the meantime he was constantly developing his mechanical orchestra...

Bayle François : Born in 1932 in Tamatave, Madagascar where he lived for 14 years. Studies in Bordeaux (1946 - 54). In 1958-60, François Bayle joined Pierre Schaeffer’s Groupe de Recherches Musicales in Paris, and between 1959-62 worked with Olivier Messiaen and Karlheinz Stockhausen. In 1966, Pierre Schaeffer put him in charge of the GRM which, in 1975, became an integral department of the French National Audiovisual Institute (INA). He maintained this position until 1997. Soundtracks by clicking on 'Discographie'

Birgé Jean-Jacques : At once music composer (Un Drame Musical Instantané which with he records about 30 albums, as well as for movies, theater, dance, radio), film director (La Nuit du Phoque, Sarajevo a Street Under Siege, The Sniper), multimedia author (Carton, Machiavel, Alphabet), sound designer (exhibitions, CD-Roms, websites, Nabaztag rabbit, etc.), founder of record label GRRR, and now novel writer, Jean-Jacques Birgé conceives a passion for images and sounds, and particularly for their potential to produce sense and create emotions. Audio mp3 here

Captain Beefheat / Don Van Vliet / Donald Glen Vliet was born January 15, 1941 in Glendale, California. At university he meets critical of those who remain one of his closest friends, Frank Zappa. Both have a few groups together but in 1964 the Captain will set up his own group, the Magic Band ; A host of streaming audio and downloadable video interviews and features - view audio / video interviews

Cage John was born in Los Angeles in 1912. He studied with Richard Buhlig, Henry Cowell, Adolph Weiss, and Arnold Schoenberg. Go to John Cage sound files at UbuWeb and to the John Cage database

Chion Michel was born in 1947 in Creil (France). After literary and musical studies, he began in 1970 to work for the ORTF (French Radio and Television Organization) Service de la recherche, where he was assistant to Pierre Schaeffer at the Paris’ Conservatoire national de musique, producer of broadcasts for the GRAM, and publications director for the Ina-GRM, of which he was a member. Tracklisting of Tu

Costes Jean-Louis : "Since 1986, Jean-Louis Costes sings, roars, shits and ejaculates his moods and his shameful thoughts. Real verbal diarrhea of insults, laments of wild love, shouts of pain and never enjoyment, ejaculations of unfortunate wanker, demented laughter and childish dread ". Costes mp3 available

Dieb13 : On this webpage you will find a lot of audio tracks with yoshihide otomo, erikm, stots oliver, efzeg, etc. Dieter Kovacic's best-known alias is Dieb13 ; he came to music from the DJ side, instead of a more traditional musical background

Doneda Michel : Biography and discography of the self-taught saxophonist soprano

Efzeg is a Vienna based electro-acoustic band comprised of Martin Siewert (guitar, lapsteel, electronics), Burkhard Stangl (guitar), Boris Hauf (saxophones and electronics), Dieb 13 (turntables, electronics), and Billy Roisz (visuals and “electronic and acoustic instruments”). They have released 4 albums, “Grain” (Durian), “Boogie” (GROB), “Wurm” (Charizma) and “Krom” (Hat Hut Records) ; Watch video

Erikm : Ever since he started back in 1992, eRikm has instinctively followed a relatively unusual, even risky, career path... There are some audio tracks for your ears

Gert yan prins : Click the icone mp3 and find more of 20 soundtracks of one of the members of the Mimeo

Grimaud Dominique is an avant-garde musician, multi-instrumentalist, author, and performer of French origin (sometimes known as "Grimo") made his first waves as a member of Camizole, a group that formed in 1970 and released its sole recording in 1977. Some audio mp3 - others audio here

Lê Quan Ninh : As a classical trained percussionist, Lê Quan Ninh worked with contemporary music ensembles and is a founder member of Quatuor Hêlios, a percussion quartet that performed and recorded, among others, John Cage's percussion works.

Lejunter Frédéric : "In 1984, I began to construct instruments (strings, winds, percussions), with found objects, and I immediately interested myself to the creation of the mechanical machines that was going to play some." audio/vidéos extracts

Nono Luigi : His avant-garde partisanship was inseparable from a commitment to socialism, twin aspects of a revolt against bourgeois culture : hence his avoidance of normal concert genres in favour of opera and electronic music, his frequent recourse to political texts and his work in bringing music to factories. Markus Hinterhäuser performing Luigi Nono's ... sofferte onde serene ... for piano and tape (1976), recorded live at the Stadtkino in Salzburg in 1991. Listen to audio tracks here

Ostertag Bob : Composer, performer, historian, instrument builder, journalist, activist, kayak instructor ; Bob Ostertag's work cannot easily be summarized or pigeon-holed ; electronic instruments of his own design are at the cutting edge of both music and video performance technology. For listening soundtracks, you need to click "download" in front of each jacket disk

Roden Steve : Steve roden is a visual and sound artist from los angeles. his work includes painting, drawing, sculpture, film/video, sound installation, and performance ; these recordings document a 5 hour improvised performance from the second annual soundwalk even in long beach california, august 20, 2005

Sage Hélène : A sound journey together with the iconoclastic artist ; clips audio and video on her website

Sun Ra was an innovative jazz composer, bandleader, piano and synthesiser player, who came to be known as much for his Cosmic Afro-futurist Philosophy as for his phenomenal musical compositions and performances. The complete movie "Space is the place"

Stockhausen Karlheinz : Direct internet link towards soundtracks mp3 of the German composer

Vitiello Stephen : Stephen Vitiello is a sound and media artist ; over the last 20 years he has collaborated with such musicians as Scanner, Pauline Oliveros, etc. Click and listen to audio tracks


Densités : International festival for musics, dances, poetries, current expos

Festival d'Altitude Jazz à Luz : A desire to increase the distribution of creative music and promote an event in a mountain village ...

Gare aux Oreilles : Festival of unclassifiable music in an ancient railway station , in Coustellet (Vaucluse - 84)

Konfrontationem : That is situated to Nickelsdorf ( Austria)

Musique Action : International festival of the new musics (Vandoeuvre les Nancy - 54)

Sons dessus de Sault : two eclectic and dynamic days in the village of Sault (Vaucluse, 84) with forty professional artists and hundreds of amateur musicians !

Magazines - Webzines

Esse : Esse  arts + opinions, a French-language magazine, focuses on multidisciplinary and interdisciplinary practices, such as visual art, performance, video, urban music and dance, experimental theatre and all forms of social interventions, in situ or performance ; art. esse promotes gestures that address art in relation to its geographical, social, political or economical context ; mp3 extracts of sound works mentioned in the file Noise of the magazine here

Improjazz : Magazine in French (10 a year) and catalog of disks and CD

Jazzosphere : JazzoSphère is a french magazine dedicated to the creative and new musics

Néosphères : French webzine dedicated to the contemporary, experimental and improvised music.

Traverses : The magazine / e-zine TRAVERSES suggests you discovering inflexible actors of these other progressive musics, new musics ; often as a mistake, anyway.


Gmem : The GMEM, national center of musical creation, leads actions in the aeras of creation, research, musical education, production and promotion of music today. Mixed music, electroacoustic, instrumental and vocal as well as the development of projects related to visual arts, dance and theatre

Instants chavirés : Since 1991,  improvised, experimental and improbable musics have been proposed there, and other as yet undefined

IREA : Toulouse organization whose purpose is to disseminate and promote the arts improvised free

L'embobineuse : Friendly space of sound, visual experimentations... living a large place in free minds (Belle de Mai)

La Maison Peinte : A cozy space, warm and intimate and painted, meetings and experiments, expressions and artistic, musical and sound creations with a small but attentive audience.
Le caméléon : Place of exchange and representation space of the association MAAAADS
Le Cherche Ardeur : Convivial, musical not standardized space
Canalsud : Web radio libre from Toulouse all over the world, against the standardization of consciousness
Radio Galere : One of the oldest radio stations in Marseille and its region ; Dataplex the weekly meeting tuesday where Dam offers a mix of experimental music, sound poetry, rock deviant and special electronics, etc..

Radio Grenouille : An associative radio which give place to free expression ; listen to audio clips of radio emission Dataplex

Radio Libertaire : Connect you on line on the anarchist radio

Radio WNE : Radio WNE concentrates its programm on diffusion of new musics, strange programmings, broadcasts of events and abnormal acoustic phenomena, in the form of permanent collaborative platform on line

Other links
Le Perce-oreilles : The Perce-oreilles is a curious creature who sneaks into the intricacies of the web to find the sounds : he takes time to listen to or knowledge noise emissions before the return day, this is why we need some patience with him.
Chercheurs de sons : Gerard Nicollet's blog dedicated to pioneers of sounds with many iconoclastic links

Metamkine : In this mail-order catalog, METAMKINE offers a large spetrum of recordings of electroacoustic and improvised musics, historical and new, along with a few magazines and books

No Zero : The collecfif No zero is a nanolocal station of treatment of sounds, gathering autodidacts making some music without knowing how to make it, with computers of which they they ignore everything, and instruments which they do not control. Their main techniques are disassembling, recycling, the failure and the certified copy. On the web page ECOUTES radiophonic parts, various sound deliveries, etc.

Sonhors : From first electronic instruments to “global" digitalization, it is a whole history of the electronic music that is commented on

Sonoris Causa : Gilles Malatray's blog is interested in the world of the sounds, sound arts, experimental, installations, sound poetry, performances and other “wild” lutheries. This small history of the sound is illustrated by many audio parts or sound extracts

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